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Bibarkatil Hadi Sunday, December 9, 2012
New game from SCS Software Studio originally was not intended to compete with the global Euro Truck Simulator 2, but in this "byproduct" was still achieved a level of quality that is far ahead of all previously released games from this company. At first glance, the game is reminiscent of the recent Trucks & Trailers, but on closer examination we see that in the new game we are waiting a lot. Of course, the gameplay is limited solely by truck Scania R-series, but it's not so bad. 

Game Scania Truck Driving Simulator consists of several parts. The first, called "Riding Training" (in another translation "Driving School") and to teach you the basics of management and overall heavy traffic. You will understand how to behave in a semi-trailer truck when reversing or turning, try to run with different parking restrictions, will learn some of the other difficult maneuvers that will surely come in handy later in the game. 

The second part of the game "Competition drivers" (in another version of the translation of "driving competition"). This part of the game is carried over into the virtual space of the real race drivers, who arranges for Scania. At this point you will be expected to overcome many obstacles in the form of complex tasks requiring the skills of driving and the maximum concentration. Entertaining piece of this phase is the dynamic movement of the time. So, the longer you repeat failed attempts, the closer will be an evening, and in the dark with limited visibility, the difficult task even more difficult. 

Developer: SCS Software 
Publisher: Rondomedia 
Genre: simulator 
Release date: World: 08 June 2012 

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